We are proud to unveil our new range of customised fixed fee trademark protection packages, which are designed to meet your specific trademark needs, whether you are a hobbyist, a start-up, an established business or a market leader. Our packages start from $550 (incl. GST and government fees) and are all geared towards providing you with the right protection and ongoing support for the life of your brand. If any of those packages sound like the right fit for you, please let us know and we can provide you with more detailed information explaining exactly what services are included in those packages and a fixed fee to implement it.

Package Who is it for? What do you get?
Fast Track Package: The best way to identify and fix problems with your application early on

– About to – launch Recently – launched Don’t Want to Wait

– Avoid waiting 3-4 months for examination
– Identify potential issues early – Rectify issues before finalising lodgement
Brainstormer Package: Secure a trademark which is free from registration problems and third party threats – First Timers   – New Enterprise  – Undecided on a brand – Avoid investing in an unprotectable trademark    – Avoid infringement and opposition risks     – Identify potential strategies to  get the trademark you want

Why use KGBM? Through many years of experience, we have custom-created a unique trademark service which focusses on creating valuable and usable trademarks with simple and affordable pricing. Unlike other operators, we are not a file-and-forget service, nor do we seek to extract fees at every stage of the process.  The hallmarks of our service which differentiate us from the rest are:

  • Upfront and transparent pricing: For most applications, we charge a one off fixed fee to cover the entire process from filing to registration and continued monitoring for the lifespan of your trademark. We don’t charge additional fees for standard reporting, strategy recommendations or at the registration stage for Australian trademarks.
  • Identifying issues before you file: We work with you before you decide to engage us to work out the most effective way to file your trademarks and avoid possible problems with registering your trademarks. We want you to be armed with as much information as possible before you go ahead so you can proceed with the confidence that we can implement the strategy which we have agreed on together.
  • Providing options: There are many different factors to consider when filing a trademark and for that reason, we don’t take a one size fits all approach. We will always keep you informed of the options available and help you decide which is best for your business.
  • Looking out for opportunities: Once we file your trademark, our service does not stop there! We are always actively on the lookout for opportunities for your business whether it be identifying new IP assets, potential infringements of your trademarks or legal developments which could be relevant to your business. We want to partner with you for the long haul, not just for a short while!

Why do I need to register trademark rights? The benefits of trademark registration are immense in comparison with the outlay. The consequences of not doing so can be devastating for your business. A registered trademark provides you with a powerful statutory monopoly and a huge advantage over your competitors.

Trademark registration should be treated as an asset of your business. It provides you a statutory monopoly to prevent other competitors from using similar trademarks in connection with their own products or service offerings. Those competitors could also be liable to pay you damages or an account of their profits if they are found to infringe your trademark rights, regardless of whether or not they have acted intentionally.

Without trademark registration, your main recourse will be to the misleading or deceptive conduct provisions of the Australian Consumer Law, or the common law tort of passing off, both of which rely heavily on your ability to establish that you have an established and recognisable reputation in your unregistered mark. A trademark infringement action does not rely on establishing reputation: the fact of registration is sufficient to establish your rights.

What can a qualified trade marks attorney do? There are many cut-rate trade mark services out there who will simply file whatever you’d like them to without question. Those services rely on volume of turnover and do not offer any value beyond what you’d get by filing yourself. We do not offer that type of service. Our role is to work with you to identify what is worth registering and ensure that the protection you obtain from your trademark registration is as strong as possible.

How long does registration last? 10 years initially but it can be renewed indefinitely for 10 year period after that. In that sense, trademark registration is a powerful right compared to design or patent registration, both of which have finite terms.

Can I use my trademark before it is registered? Yes, and provided we have undertaken a clearance search and identified any possible infringement risks, it is recommend that you do so. Once registered, your trade mark will be enforceable from the time you file, not the time your registration certificate is issued.

How do I protect my trademark overseas? Trademark registration is a national right and there is no such thing as an international trademark covering your rights globally. That means that different parties could legitimately be using the same trademark for the same goods or services in 2 different countries. If you are interested in launching your brand overseas, it is important that we consider that as part of your overall trademark strategy to ensure that your mark will not only be registrable in Australia but also relevant overseas markets. Ordinarily, there will be a 6 month grace period for you to file internationally and claim the same filing date as your Australian application. International applications can be filed direct to a particular country or alternatively, multiple countries can be covered by filing through the Madrid Protocol international filing system.

If you would like us to work with you to prepare an appropriate filing strategy for your trademarks, please contact us at or by using the online contact form on this page.