Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning include :

Business Plan Assistance

Your business is your most valuable asset and therefore your business plan has to be rock solid to ensure that you not only survive in this competitive world but also emerge as a distinguished leader.

Corporate Planning and Structure

At KGBM, all our CFO partners have multiple years of experience in strategizing a good Corporate Structure, considering Compliances, Capitalization, Funding , International Operations and Finance & Accounting Controls & Processes.

Forecasting & Sensitivity Analysis

Drawing up detailed financial forecasts, with sensitivity scenarios and ratio analysis helps you in setting targets and establishing milestones for business performance. It also demonstrates what you need to do to achieve various goals and prepares you for any eventuality.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Building a robust Budgeting and Forecasting system in a company is vital to winning Investor Confidence. It also allows you to plan your resources appropriately and provides setting up performance benchmarks for the company’s management team.