Corporate Planning and Structure



When undertaking Corporate Planning & Structuring exercise, there is no one size fits all approach. There is a common saying: “What is good for the Goose is not necessarily good for the Gander”. History has shown how companies have tried to mimic successful business models and corporate planning systems of rival companies, yet failed to do so. The reason for that is very simple, and it lies in the need to evolve a solution that is tailored to individual specific needs. The East and the West both have several successful business models across several different spheres and verticals and they have all flourished simply because they stayed true to their ideals and true to their needs.

At KGBM, we assist companies with:


Business Plan:

Building detailed business model to identify resources required, as well as proposed action plans to achieve desired business goals.

Corporate Structuring:

Deciding what is the best form of legal entity structure considering multiple factors like business risks, resources requirements, fund raising need, local regulatory requirements, tax efficiency, size of the business, compliance costs, etc.

Business Arrangements:

Review and assistance in finalizing commercial structure and format of different business arrangements be it manpower, property, vendors, franchisee partners, bankers and clients.

Funding Strategy:

Having the right quantum of debt and equity in your business helps you in keeping your equity dilution to the minimum, while still providing growth capital which effectively enhances your valuation gains. A Company needs to strategize the ‘how, when, who, how much and from whom’ of fund raising strategy very well. Deciding on the right timing, quantum and the funding instrument are very important aspects of funding strategy.

Finance & Accounting Function:

To begin with, we map your requirements with team size and specific skill sets that would be required to form a solid Finance and Accounting Team. Wherever required, we supplement your team with our in-house subject matter experts, but the intention is to build a very strong Finance & Accounting function that can assist the company in complying with all regulatory requirements, as well as in facilitating the management team with business MIS and analytics.