CFO Support Service


As a CFO of a large company you may be faced with challenges of executing various assignments that require not just another consultant, but someone who can understand your pains and can execute various projects, with leadership skills. KGBM provides support services to CFO’s of large companies, which allows them to focus on bigger and more strategic matters. Some of our services include:

Financial Analytics & Reporting

We undertake through review of financials, provide detailed analytics, and help designing finance reports. We perform our analysis using ratios, trends, comparisons, detailed financial scrutiny, industry compare, sensitivity, etc. We also undertake specialized analytics to help you with your BOD and Investor Meetings.

MIS and Board Reporting

We undertake designing and preparation of detailed MIS reports for internal as well as external reporting purposes. At the time of drawing up various MIS reports, we look at all available parameters and build Intelligent Dashboards for senior management to monitor KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator’s) closely.