Forecasting and Sensitivity


Drawing up detailed financial forecasts, with sensitivity scenarios and ratio analysis helps you in setting targets and establishing milestones for business performance. It also demonstrates what you need to do to achieve various goals and prepares you for any eventuality. We begin our exercise with a detailed brainstorming session with the company’s senior management team. Thereafter we undertake brief research about the company, their products/services, industry benchmarks and competition financials (wherever available) to build detailed financial model, including sensitivity scenarios and ratio analysis to ratify various business statements.

Moreover, we undertake Sensitivity Analysis to evaluate the Company’s funding requirements (under different scenarios). This also helps the Company in drawing up Cashflow Forecast and in agreeing on Collection and Payables Policy.

Based on the final forecast model, we build simple working files for use by the company as Budgeting Tracking Dashboard. Note that all our financial models are built in XLS and we provide these in open format to allow the company to use the same for their ongoing requirements.