Australian Company Registration

Australian Business Company Package

Australian Company Registration

Registering a new company in Australia is a complex process that requires careful consideration of various regulations and compliance requirements. KGBM Corporate Services assists professional domestic and international clients in navigating these complexities, starting with the registration of a new company.

When you are ready to do business in Australia, the preferred corporate structure is a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) company. However, there are other company types available, and it’s crucial to determine which type best suits your planned business activities.

Benefits of Australian Company Registration

KGBM Corporate Services offers a variety of solutions for clients with diverse needs. The benefits of incorporating an Australian company include:

  • Professional Business Image: Operating in a highly regulated jurisdiction like Australia often necessitates a company structure to ensure liability and accountability are transparent. Using just an ABN or Partnership may undermine your credibility with clients and associates.
  • Diversity of Company Activities: An Australian company can engage in multiple business activities by simply adding a trading or business name to the existing company ABN. This flexibility is one of the many advantages KGBM Corporate Services can help you leverage.
  • Protection of Personal Assets: A company structure helps separate personal assets from business liabilities, offering protection if unforeseen circumstances arise. With limited liability, you are generally shielded from business debts, and with suitable insurance, this protection is enhanced.
  • Ease of Business and Expansion: Whether your business activities are local, interstate, or international, operating as an Australian registered company provides a reputable platform that facilitates easy and efficient expansion.

The company registrations team at KGBM Corporate Services is ready to discuss your specific situation and requirements, aiming to provide a complete corporate solution with personalized ongoing support.