About us

Since its inception in November 2014, KG Business Management (KGBM) is committed to providing comprehensive services for our existing and prospective clients who look forward to practicable solutions for their business problems.

We pride ourselves in providing each of our clients with friendly and professional services irrespective of the size of clients and services’ fees. Before executing any work, we like to quote in advance.

Our team of experts holds extensive experience and has worked with technology, telecoms, recruitment and other service industries and with potential clients across other industries. We offer our clients comprehensive and personalised financial services to help drive business growth.

Our clients:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Limited Companies
  • Family Offices
  • High-net worth Individuals
  • Trusts
  • Sole Traders
  • Franchises
Our Core Values

At KGBM, it is our values that define us. Our core values guide the actions of our people and inspire us to work with collaboration with each other as well as with our clients to improve their engagement with our organisation.

Every individual working at KGBM makes numerous choices and decisions that not only influence our relationships internally but also the way our potential clients experience us. Our core values help boost our confidence to ensure that we use similar principles in making decisions throughout our firm and its global operations.

Who We Are?

  • Our team of finance experts demonstrates respect and integrity in their work.
  • Our people are energetic, courageous, and enthusiastic.
  • Our people build positive relationships with co-workers and clients

How Do We Operate?

  • We like working with forward-thinking people as our clients need to upgrade their financial support and work along with a dependable partner.
  • We offer our clients a true strategic business partnership.
  • We value total openness and expect the same from our clients.
  • Honesty is believed to be the best policy at KGBM.
  • We don’t fear taking challenges
  • We ensure to create the best value for money by giving value proposition to your business
  • We ensure fun activities for our employees for work-life balance and treat our clients like our family

What’s the Cost for Our CFO Services?

Payment structure and prices for our services vary according to the needs of clients. Rather than charging on a daily or hourly basis, we charge a fixed fee on a monthly basis so that our clients could avail of our services easily.

 What’s so Unique about KGBM?

  • We know our clients by their names and strive to build personal relationships with them so that tailored services could be provided according to their business needs.
  • Our team of experts always remain updated with emerging businesses, financial and tax legislation so that invaluable information could be provided to clients for saving their money.
  • We always keep in touch with clients by arranging meeting on regular basis. This help us drive their business growth by ensuring the financial records of clients are in order.
  • We take pride in always meeting deadlines to ensure that our clients get paperwork filed promptly. We strive to avoid any late submission and resulting payment penalties.

Environment at KGBM

  • At KGBM, we guarantee successful careers and balanced lives for our people
  • Our offices are modern and airy with a working environment that is professional, relaxed and welcoming.
  • We value teamwork and open communication to promote innovation for continuous improvement and business excellence.
  • We promote a healthy workforce and try to maintain a balanced work-life by allowing flexibility for our people wherever it is possible.
  • We are fun-loving and arrange social functions frequently.
  • We value the training of our people throughout the week.
  • If you are interested in working within such an environment, continue reading.

What do We Look for?

It is certainly impossible to create a checklist for confirming whether you are the right match for our organisation as the attributes of exceptional people are highly diverse. Nevertheless, people having a professional attitude towards work, flexibility, openness, sociability, and team-building skills can be the best fit for KGBM.

Present Opportunities at KGBM

Career opportunities at KGBM emerge when necessary and mostly recruitment needs are related to the primary growth of businesses as compared to big accounting firms having a continuous recruitment cycle.

Vacant positions are advertised time to time which will be presented below.

We always consider exceptional people for our senior-level positions. If you are the one, feel free to contact us.

Advertised Positions


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